Kindness Ends

by Kind Man

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Ertugrul Bircan Copur
Ertugrul Bircan Copur thumbnail
Ertugrul Bircan Copur Two and a half months into 2017 and this is by far the best record of the year yet. An amazing experimental black metal record with spectacular elements at each step, and an ending that gives the listener goosebumps, fitting to an eerie overall concept. I have listened to this countless times in a month and got a few friends hooked as well. If you guys ever release a physical version of this (be it CD or vinyl) sign me up for #1! Favorite track: A Century Forlorn.
Lordarticus thumbnail
Lordarticus Post-Vapormetal? WTF is this? All i know is its excellent.... These guys are going to go far. All of the trendy Gazy stuff with some weird take on Post and still keeps the chaos...

Glad to be witnessing the birth of a genre.

Chilling sample of the SC mass-shooter. Favorite track: Kindness Ends.
Jared Arbizu
Jared Arbizu thumbnail
Jared Arbizu What a fantastically disturbing and addictive album, made from the strangest but most epic mix of sounds and genres. Evokes a similar feeling to the darker tracks of Porcupine Tree's "In Absentia", dealing with disturbed individuals from their perspective, with the sound and songwriting perfectly fitting that theme. This album deserves far more attention, and I can't wait to hear more from this band. Favorite track: A Century Forlorn.
suhrim777 thumbnail
suhrim777 I`m speechless. This is brilliant. Seems to be that David Bowie (RIP) is back and is making some Black Metal right now. Interesting soundscape und electronical parts. A Century Forlorn really... you need to hear this!!! You`ve got a new follower. Favorite track: A Century Forlorn.
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Created entirely on a burnt out computer in a room just large enough for a fold-out bed and a small computer desk, Kindness Ends is a bedroom metal album with ambition -frustrating, tiresome ambition.

Kind Man began as an all-in-one-day collaborative recording project by Luke Powell and James Walsh, having previously released another project following this one-day framework, 2014's NeckPuncher (other creative outings by Luke and James include Wyrdforge and IxHxJxLx which can be found on Bandcamp).
Fortunately, the all-in-one-day creation plan was a failure, only getting half way through the first track (to become The Liner). Kind Man was shelved for several months until Luke, liking the initial tone that had been set, decided to continue the project, piloting it with occasional guidance from James.
What had in concept began as an inside-joke eventually grew into something more sinister and damning, putting the "kind man" AKA the "nice guy" -an individual who believes being nice to a person they are attracted to serves as entitlement to sex with them, throwing their toys out of the pram when sexual or romantic advances are denied- in the spotlight for ridicule. Commentary on the kind man's unbalanced, misguided view of exchange was coupled with paranormal themes and a somewhat dramatic, sadistic end to exacerbate the overall concept, but let's not spell it all out...

Kindness Ends is an experimental odyssey comprising of musical styles such as black metal, doom metal, progressive rock, shoegaze, synthwave and rock opera; an ambitious endeavour by Luke Powell, with the help of some genuinely kind men and women.

Thank you for your interest, and keep a look out for any future kindness.....


released February 6, 2017

Lead vocals - Anthony Trimming

Harsh vocals - Anthony Trimming, James Walsh, Will Jennings, Luke Powell

Pickup vocals - James Walsh, Luke Powell

Female vocals - Joanne Robert

Choir vocals - Amée Chanter, Benji Hall, Glenn Thomas, Joanne Robert, Julia Haas, Luisa Lehmeyer, Luke Powell.

Guitar - Luke Powell, James Walsh (The Liner)

Bass - Luke Powell

Synth and drum programming - Luke Powell

Lyrics by Luke Powell, James Walsh (The Liner, Hourglass)

Artwork by Luke Powell

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Powell



all rights reserved


Kind Man Brighton, UK

Experimental metal scolding friendzone protesting creeps.

All music and lyrics written by Luke Powell except where noted.

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Track Name: The Liner
Take my hand
for you and your young must survive
I will become the pariah of this tragedy
For yourself this will mean life
For oneself, I will be bones beneath the sea

Take my hand, sweet lady
For I am kind
A Kind man I am
Tell them I was kind

Place your praise in my palm
One hundred years go by to meet the damned
Take me below, beneath the living
Keep me inside
Tell them I was kind
Track Name: Hourglass
Loving thoughts meld with rich fabrics
She is close, but I am closer
Instinct driven by perfumes and conversation
She showed me interest, I showed her obsession
I am her loving predator
Cloaked in shadows, I make poetry of her form
Watching, waiting, loving

I knelt at the hourglass
She let me in
The sands are paradise
but they fall to sin
She let me in
Into our paradise, into our sin

A glimmer of a life
beyond my plasma prison
Always the same, met with disdain
She offered the only way of change

The sinkhole drags me in
A rumble sounds inside, a deepness oceansize
The freezing soak sets in
Bones beneath the sea
her heart floats above me

There she is sailing gently away from me
This is not goodbye
You will thank me
repay me in kind
For I was kind, so kind

I knelt at the hourglass
She let me in
The sands are paradise
but they fall to sin
She let me in
Into the freezing depths, a sea of sin
Track Name: A Century Forlorn
Say, can you hear the horn resound?
Vesicles of chivalrous endow
Reach for the half-hour waist
where bones meet sand turned black
Can you feel a century forlorn?

Kind man, oh so kind
perfect guy, please be mine
Blind man, fractured mind
deluded, a hopeless bind
Courtly pleasantry
chivalry is all I need
Pity brought you me
rejection my final deed

I don't understand your callous retort
You are obligated to be with me
Between two mottled worlds we met by ice
I was kind then, I am kind now
But nothing more

Kind man, not so kind
Wanton vice for you to find
Blind man, not so blind
Impetus moral decline

I won't go back to my prison
Its comforts greyed by correlation
I see a new cage I dare not name
Zoned with your derision

Say, can you hear the horn resound?
Vesicles of chivalrous endow
Reach for the half-hour waist
where bones reap their marrow
You will feel the century I've worn
Track Name: Kindness Ends
Seeds but no soil
The earth, in my time away, sowed with salt
Once I was true, before I knew
the cold, the dark, the deep

And now you will know them
and I won't be alone again

Draft shadows bending to woes
Severed by dripping windows
White walls protect from debts past due
Sleek white walls too shallow to keep him from spilling in

Salt mixing with fresh
Arching up to take a breath
Tension won't break
Once I was true, before I knew
the cold, the dark, the deep

And now you will know them
and I won't be alone again

Alas, the kindness ends
to see the man underneath
A boy denied a grape is scorned
but a grape is not wholly for wine
Bear a wrath stomped down through time

Guess the bite of false widows
Minor harm done unto foes
White walls instead victimise you
Venom fills you in

Please why don't you keep your head under there
like I did for so long
Fill the cask with a gravel freeze
Plug the cave underwater with an iceberg arm
Soft curves sink in linoleum
Drip drip drip drop down pale blue
Sweet curves touch vinegar skin
Scorched by my prison, my plasma prison
Take my bleeding warmth, now you want me
The cold, dark, deep, I've known it twice
We'll never make it to the city, never make it
We're bones beneath the sea

The cold, the dark, the deep
Tell them I was kind
A kind man

And now you've come to know them
we will never be alone again

Alas, the kindness ends
to see the man underneath
A boy disguised a saint for gain
but a saint is not promised heaven
Step in white
One hundred more